Swisscom relies on NTS Retail as the transaction platform for its innovative stores

Swisscom and NTS Retail share a long-standing partnership during which numerous innovation projects have been successfully implemented. The Swiss telco retailer approached NTS Retail's team of experts with a clear vision: A web-based platform was needed that could serve as the basis for the checkout process across all transactions in the stores.

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Product portfolio

  • Telecommunications services (fixed-line and mobile)
  • Digital entertainment, smart home and cloud services
  • "Quadruple Play" and IT services for home and business customers


  • Switching to an API-based infrastructure for store operations
  • Seamless integration of all background processes across multiple systems
  • Improved user flow for the employees without switching interfaces
  • Operational efficiency improvements thanks to leaner IT processes


  • Handling of sales, exchanges and returns from all channels
  • The web-based architecture enables an improved operational efficiency
  • Forward-looking checkout solution facilitates the integration of new channels
New Swisscom store concept

“At Swisscom, we want to be a companion to our customers, guiding them through the digital space. Naturally, this makes it strategically and conceptually important for us to be a trailblazer in driving digitization. By introducing the web-based checkout solution by NTS Retail, we were able to reach several key milestones for the long-term development of our retail concept.”

Dominique Grecchi / Head of IT Experience / Swisscom

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