Bringing the ongoing digital retail transformation to your stores

Providing an excellent service experience is a crucial differentiator for CSPs. Putting technology to good use in the process of creating a compelling customer experience is not a trivial matter. Our digital transformation program focuses on the retail store as a perfect way for telcos to convert technology into experience.

Sales Stages - e-shop

Linking online and offline experience

By creating a smooth, consistent experience across your online channels and your retail stores, you can achieve significant improvements regarding sales, service variety and staff productivity. Wherever customers find their point of entry into your service offering, it should always feel easy and as seamless as possible. Unified data and processes allow the experience to easily transition between your physical and virtual presence.

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Sales Stages - Welcome and Queuing

Welcoming & queue management

The entrance area is a key aspect to a successful in-store performance. Whenever a potential customer first sets foot into one of your stores, you are presented with a great opportunity to win them over. Using our smart queue management solution, you can let your customers choose how they want to proceed during peak hours: wait, receive a text notification or schedule an appointment later on.

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Sales Stages - Exploring and Consulting

Guided selling

Building on the info gained from other systems, such as e-shops, CRM, QMS, etc., your sales reps can engage their customers in highly informed conversation, a key asset while conducting consultative selling. Equip your staff with effective sales tools on tablet devices in order to provide them with the right information to provide a perfect experience.

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Sales Stages - Enrollment and Order Entry

Enrollment & order entry

The quality of customer engagement builds on accurate and consistent real-time information about your products, services, and customers. Especially complex enrollment and order entry processes can be essentially simplified by running a unified store frontend that is seamlessly interlinked with your BSS. Perfectly connected with your BSS back end, our solution facilitates the enrollment process and makes it smoother, thus significantly simplifying and accelerating order entries.

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Sales Stages - Checkout and Payment

Point of Sales

Enabling your staff to carry out sales transactions swiftly and wherever they are within the store is essential. The system should offer protection against user errors and fraud attempts while handling payments using different means of payment. The workload for your staff can be minimized using an integrated tool that is convenient to use. The integration capabilities ensure that customer and transaction data can be made available across different systems and in varying use cases.

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Sales Stages - Self Service


Grant your customers a greater degree of autonomy by adding smart self-service solutions to your stores. Offloading basic tasks allows your staff to focus on customer interactions in key situations and provide high quality consulting. It’s not just about adding more options, self-service solutions help fundamentally change the way consumers can shop and experience products and services. As a part of the digital transformation in your stores, self-service solutions allow you to expand the range of services available in the space between the online and the offline realm.


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Sales Stages - After-sales Service

After-sales service

Smooth returns and after-sales repair processes are important steps in a connected customer journey. Our integrated after-sales service solution allows for convenient and flexible processing of repair orders. It enables using centralized control of all repair processes and grants full transparency on all customer service interactions, allowing your staff to monitor and take action during the repair process.

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Sales Stages - Analytics

Retail analytics

Embedding store data into business intelligence has become an absolute imperative to achieve a new level of customer centricity. Track and measure store- and customer analytics to transform insights into action. Leverage data from store transactions, sales and goods movements. Discover new insights into your customer’s interests and employee’s activities by tracking their interactions on store-bound applications. Use dashboards for real-time decision making and precise planning.

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