Introducing the fully digitized retail experience

NTS Retail’s digital receipt management enables you to significantly reduce the need for paper printouts in your stores. Store and archive all receipts and contracts that are generated during daily business operations, sign them digitally and send digital copies to your customers.

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Digitize your in-store business processes

  • Improve customer convenience through valuable extra services
  • Reduce costs for printing, storage and administration of receipts and contracts
  • Promote a sustainable business concept and protection of the environment
  • Reduce risk of fraud with automated contract workflows
  • Ensure security compliance with digital receipt management
  • Reduced efforts for manual paperwork
  • Ensure fast and easy access to important documents
  • Avoid risk of misfiled or misplaced documents
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Drive customer convenience with paperless receipts

No matter if you are running a regular sales transaction, create an offer or place a repair order – With NTS Retail’s digital receipt management all documents are electronically archived and can be accessed from virtually anywhere and at any time.

Send digital receipts to your customers or provide access via a customer portal. Since all documents are stored in an audit-proof way, NTS Retail fulfills all applicable legal requirements.

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Paperless contracts with e-signature and PDF autofill

Our e-signature functionality allows you to handle contracts, credit card payments as well as deposits, withdrawals and return transactions in a paperless fashion. Let your customers digitally sign contracts and receipts via a digital signature pad. Already existing or previously entered details can — in the case of mobile contracts, for example — be automatically taken over and inserted into a PDF template. Our digital receipt management provides full compliance with security regulations and ensures that no signatures are missed, or contracts get lost.

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File attachments to sales transactions

Conveniently associate digital copies of important documents (contracts, passport copies, etc.) to a particular sales transaction and upload them to the database. If need be, they can be easily accessed at the POS or by backoffice employees should this become necessary for any reason.

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