The software solution for smart consultative selling

With NTS sales assistant, we offer a guided selling software solution, that perfectly supports your sales team to offer a new level of customer service. Designed for consultative selling with smart sales technology on the inside and great user interaction design on the outside, it lays the foundation for top-notch customer engagement.

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Get more out of your stores with effective guided selling software

  • Empower your sales agents by providing them with all relevant information right at their fingertips
  • Accelerate the consulting process and increase conversion rates thanks to our guided selling software
  • Strengthen your business analytics by tracking customer and employee interactions and behavior
  • Push up- & cross-selling by combining product data, promotions and customer information
  • Mobilize customer engagement and make the most of your retail space
  • Build on unified data to enable a seamless customer journey between all channels
NTS sales assistant on a tablet

Empower your store associates & mobilize customer engagement

NTS sales assistant enables your store associates to guide your customers to quick purchasing decisions. With a clear visualization of product details, add-on services, cross-selling options, it enables your sales agents to truly inspire your customers.

As a top-notch guided selling software solution, NTS sales assistant helps you to free your sales staff from fixed counters so that they can engage with your customer directly at the product.

NTS sales assistant on a tablet

Full-circle customer view

Seamlessly embedded into your BSS/commerce environment, the NTS sales assistant builds on unified and real-time data for a consistent view on products, customer data and stock levels. An integrated 360° view on customer data perfectly empowers your sales agents to offer personalized consulting while guiding customers to the best sales decision.

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Obtain new store insights

NTS sales assistant provides valuable facts & figures for precise management decisions by tracking customer-staff interaction at your digital storefront application. Likewise, this guided selling software solution also presents all relevant details on a particular customer right at your sales associate’s fingertips, which significantly facilitates the onboarding process.

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POS solution

NTS pos is a comprehensive customer service tool, specifically designed for best-practice handling of typical telco-specific processes. Use our POS solution to assure smooth operations and make the checkout process as easy as possible for your customers and your staff.

Self-service solutions

NTS self-service enables your customers to conveniently perform SIM purchases, bill payments, and top-ups on their own terms. By leveraging self-service capabilities, your customers will experience an additional sense of autonomy, allowing them to build trust and confidence in your brand.

Commerce platform

NTS commerce platform is perfectly equipped to unify your business processes and data across the entire scope of your retail network. Our platform solution serves as the base layer for your business transformation, allowing you to build on a solid foundation you can trust.

Drive consultative selling

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