The base layer for your retail vision

Our open API-based platform builds the foundation for a connected service experience across every point of interaction within your retail network. Our solution forms the basis for our retail business applications, but it’s so much more: Drawing upon a unified pool of data and a rich set of business functionalities, it seamlessly connects your retail front ends with your BSS environment. Thanks to its modular architecture, our platform solution enables you to easily design retail processes according to your specific needs, while providing a maximum degree of flexibility and scalability.

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Our platform enables sustained growth for information-driven retail businesses

  • Maximum flexibility facilitates reacting to emerging business requirements
  • Simple scalability for your commerce environment allows you to grow your business smoothly
  • Implement smooth end-to-end retail processes thanks to our open API design
  • Extensive configuration options allow for an excellent time-to-market with minimal implementation efforts
  • Fully featured multi-tenancy enables you to operate multiple brands on a single platform
  • Modular deployments and independent customization help achieve autonomy from hosting providers and solution vendors

The right set of features to shift your digital transformation to the next level

With a maximum degree of flexibility, our commerce solution forms the backbone of your retail operations providing the following key features:

A set of fully featured standard services (REST-based) to build your business processes
Components for the creation of customer-specific interfaces to connect to 3rd party systems
Ready-to-use front ends providing a best practice approach to the majority of telco retail workflows
Completely equipped for back-end (headless) operation to reduce integration efforts
Omnichannel connectors to establish a consistent experience across direct & indirect channels, brands and affiliates
Capability to model the entire end-to-end retail process from customer onboarding to after-sales
Out-of-the-box coverage for typical telco-specific business processes
Analytics data from store-driven retail processes for effective business intelligence
Consistent process data across the entire span of your retail network setup

Understanding NTS commerce platform and its unique approach

Open architecture

Learn about the core principles that form the design basis of NTS commerce platform and our vision for a future-proof retail environment. We have devised our solution to provide a maximum degree of flexibility so you can use our technology to implement the exact business workflows you need.

Common business services

With our range of platform services, it’s easier than ever for our customers and technology partners to implement our solution into their business workflows. Simply implement a process design that meets your exact requirements.

BSS connectors

Connective by design, our platform ships with numerous connectors to facilitate the integration with BSS solutions. Whether it’s your CRM, your ERP or your OMS, our platform allows you to implement a seamless experience across multiple end points.

The base layer for your retail vision

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