Full inventory view & omnichannel fulfillment

Turn your retail store into the central nexus in a connected customer journey. Our omnichannel stock management software enables seamless control and real-time monitoring of cross-channel goods movements and fulfillment processes. Leverage the potential of the existing retail network by transforming stores into smart warehouses and service centers. Reduce shipping costs, optimize stocktaking and boost fraud prevention.

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Benefit from a retail-driven stock management solution

  • Obtain full visibility on stock levels and goods flows across your direct, indirect and online channels
  • Initiate efficient goods fulfillment across your omnichannel environment
  • Optimize product availability within your retail stores and improve customer satisfaction rates
  • Reduce shipment costs with effective digital order and delivery consolidation
  • Minimize stock management costs with highly automated stock counts and stock postings
  • Implement mobile stocktaking to reduce efforts for regular stocktakes
  • Reduce training and support costs with automated workflows and an intuitive user interface
  • Carry out common after-sales repair processes with ease (e.g. issuing replacement devices)

Effective stock management in a wide variety of use cases

Our centralized stock management solution covers more than 90% of telco and specialist retail fulfillment processes out-of-the-box:

Easy-to-use centralized inventory management for your retail stores and warehouses
Extensive integration capabilities to connect to overarching ERP systems
Supports a wide range of omnichannel processes, like click & collect or in-store returns
Precise replenishment forecast & calculation globally or regionally
Security features to aid with fraud detection and prevention
Integrated after-sales and repair handling capabilities to implement post-purchase workflows
Connects with 3rd party solutions to create a unified retail business environment
Serial-number tracking and IMEI processing for telco and specialist retail use cases
Interacts with all our front-end solutions to create a consistent supply chain flow

More on our approach to enterprise stock management

Stock control

Our stock management solution for retail stores and headquarters has been specifically designed to streamline inventory control within and across your retail network. Gain a comprehensive perspective on your retail network and keep your stocks in check.

Omnichannel fulfillment

Using our software makes it easy to establish a holistic view on cross-channel orders and inventory data, thus enabling all common omnichannel processes required to provide excellent customer service. Leverage our solution to turn your stores into service centers.


Our solution enables you to ramp up the replenishment efficiency across your entire retail network. Leverage precise calculations in order to optimize goods distribution and achieve a perfect balance between ideal goods availability and low storage costs.

Control inventories across all locations

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