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Building on a track record of more than 350 client projects worldwide and our continued cooperation with communities of industry experts, we have created an extensive digital retail transformation program for CSPs and specialist retailers. Our program enables our clients to reshape their retail network by addressing top business objectives, such as:

  • Boosting the customer experience by creating a seamless customer journey
  • Increasing conversions and sales performance with digitally assisted selling
  • Driving process efficiency across all sales channels
  • Streamlining retail logistics and cross-channel goods fulfillment
  • Reducing operational costs by simplifying your retail IT
  • Minimizing efforts and time-to-market for new services

Pursuing key transformation objectives

Digitally transforming stores

CSPs and retailers are transforming their store environment in order to simplify processes, offer new services and empower their store associates to provide better customer service.

Streamline telco retail operations

Telecom retail comes with a great degree of specialization and uniquely challenging business processes. Learn about the key criteria for a telco commerce solution.

Providing a seamless customer journey

By creating a smooth transition across all stages of your customer’s journey, you can generate a great brand experience while increasing sales performance.

Preventing user errors and fraud

Especially in complex service driven retail environments there’s a lot of potential to avoid loss, caused by user errors and fraud.

Creating a paperless store

By digitizing your receipt and contract handling you can elevate customer convenience and boost process efficiency at the same time.

A new queue management approach

A smart queue management approach can help you overcome the pain points that come along with common ticketing solutions.

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