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Omnichannel is about meeting your customers at eye level and accompanying them in real-time - on any channel and at every stage of interaction. At the same time, it implies turning any customer touchpoint into a potential point of sale.

By creating a smooth and consistent experience across all customer touchpoints, CSPs can enjoy a massive improvement in generating more sales and customer loyalty.

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Unified processes across any stage of consumer interaction

  • Boost productivity with a unified perspective of customers, orders, stock levels and promotions
  • Foster customer loyalty with a unified service experience across all retail touchpoints – online & offline
  • Save costs with reduced integration complexity by pursuing a platform-based approach
  • Increase conversion rates and revenue with more effective cross-channel sales
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Pursuing true omnichannel commerce

Initiating their omnichannel transformation, CSPs must consider various aspects that make omnichannel for telcos even more complex:

  •  Complex product offerings and non-trivial service processes
  •  Highly diverse IT environment and various master data sources
  •  A great number of separated direct and indirect channels
  •  Technological barriers caused by siloed systems

True omnichannel builds on unified data and processes across all channels, systems and devices. A platform-based solution that is both scalable and connective enables the implementation of seamless omnichannel use cases

Graphic Omni Channel Use Cases

Use cases for omnichannel commerce software

We have devised an omnichannel implementation strategy that is up to the task of meeting the specific requirements of organizations with large retail networks and diverse sales channels.

Our solution provides full visibility and control over all ongoing processes, goods movements and customer orders in a diversified omnichannel environment.

Core cross-channel workflows can be adapted to meet basically any requirements. They can be performed, controlled and monitored on the local or on a global level.

Discover other aspects of our approach to omnichannel commerce software

Omnichannel fulfillment

Using our software makes it easy to establish a holistic view on cross-channel orders and inventory data, thus enabling all common omnichannel processes required to provide excellent customer service. Leverage our solution to turn your stores into service centers.

Customer engagement

Our range of customer engagement solutions has been tailored for the specific needs of telcos and specialist retailers. POS is a key component of any customer engagement strategy, see how it aligns with our other solutions.

Commerce platform

NTS commerce platform is perfectly equipped to unify your business processes and data across the entire scope of your retail network. It serves as the technical foundation for all our customer engagement solutions.

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