Orange Egypt and NTS Retail: Working together to create a better retail experience for Orange customers

Orange Egypt, one of the leading telco providers in Egypt with about 33 million subscribers, initially relied on a homegrown solution covering several systems for settlement, account management, logistics and customer loyalty programs. Recognizing that the standing solution was no longer fit for the purpose, Orange Egypt opted for a software solution by NTS Retail. Since then substantial improvements have been achieved for various aspects regarding sales and logistics operations.

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Orange Egypt

  • Egyptian telco provider
  • >33 mio customers
  • 4,700 employees

Product portfolio

  • Mobile
  • Fixed line
  • Internet


  • Highly complex integration process
  • Replacing a self-developed solution with a standardized sales application
  • Customer-tailored business processes


  • Seamless integration with multiple backend systems
  • Multi-channel solutions for various sales environments
  • Effective measures to improve fraud prevention
Orange Egypt

“NTS Retail’s elaborate software solution allows for an efficient management of all our retail channels. It strongly supports Orange Egypt in implementing our comprehensive digital store transformation project.”

Marwan Akmal Mohamed / Sr. Supervisor Sales  & Retail Solution / Orange Egypt

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Khaireel A. Mohamed

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