A1 & warrify: Digital receipts for a paperless customer journey

Together with Austria's leading telco - A1 Telekom Austria AG - and warrify, an Austrian startup specializing in digital receipts, we implemented a project allowing A1 customers to comfortably access interactive receipts using a QR code. The receipts are securely stored and meet all requirements to be used in handling warranty claims.

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A1 Telekom Austria AG

  • Austria’s leading communications provider
  • More than 7 million customers

Products & Services

  • Fixed-line and mobile calls
  • Internet, smart home, digital services
  • IT and payment solutions


  • Storing receipts for potential warranty claims


  • Easy access to digital receipts using warrify
  • Enabling the paperless customer journey of the future
A1 Store

"We are excited to have won A1 as a highly reputable customer for our solution. During the integration of our solution, we were able to benefit from the vast experience at NTS Retail’s team and could easily link our two products. This is a key step along the way towards a digitized and personalized experience in telco retail.”

Enzo Duit / CEO / warrify

Photo credit: A1/APA-Fotoservice/Hörmandinger

Would you like to know more?

Download our case study to learn more about the implemented solution and the benefits we were able to realize. 

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