NTS Retail Software Suite achieves NF525 certification to meet French fiscal regulations

NTS Retail’s software solution recently managed to pass the NF525 certification process through the software certification specialists from Infocert.

The certification attributes conformance with French fiscal legislation, which aligns with an EU-wide effort to combat VAT fraud across all member states. Similar legislation has already been implemented in Austria, a circumstance, which served the team at NTS Retail in order to be able to effectively adjust the software solution to meet the legal requirements for the French market.

The list of certified software solutions can be viewed on the Infocert website.

While the accomplishment of reaching conformance is great news indeed, we are already working on achieving the next major goal: The required steps within the transactional logic of the software are being integrated into the service-based architecture of NTS commerce platform in order to allow the fiscalization process to be made available as a service across all our solutions.

Responding to the needs created by fiscal regulations across most European countries, our experts have been researching the regional requirements and figuring out ways to implement the laws in a sustainable and efficient manner.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions regarding our suite of retail solutions and how we are making sure to meet regional legal standards.

You can read more about the NF525 certification here: 

Infocert NF525