NTS Touchpoint Series
Watch out for the NTS retail touchpoint series. This red-hot product line extends the renowned NTS Retail Suite by interactive and mobile touchpoint solutions, leading you to a new retail excellence. Open new communication channels to your customers; let them dive into your world of products. Let them experience your brand.

NTS pocketstore - Shopping on the Couch & on the Go
Gain millions of smartphone users as your new customers with NTS pocketstore.
With the NTS pocketstore mobile shopping experience becomes a reality. This application makes your traditional in-store offering appear directly on the smartphones of your customers. This opens completely new sales channels, bringing your service to your customers - anywhere and at any time - on the couch and on the go.

Any smartphone user can access your offer using the NTS pocketstore; they can compare products, create wish lists and buy a brand new product immediately using the PayPal payment function.
It is at the customers' discretion whether the goods will be sent to them directly or they collect them from the next outlet. The integrated store finder guides them to your branch.

The NTS pocketstore is far more than a simple shopping app - it serves you and your customers as a new communication tool. Being interlinked with various social media platforms enables your satisfied customers to share their positive shopping experience with friends and colleagues; a subscription keeps them up to date on interesting news and hot offers which are simply forwarded to their mobile device. Seize the opportunity of presenting your brand and products in a user-friendly manner in real-time to your target group.

NTS vShelf - Around the Clock Shopping Experience for Your Customers
With NTS vShelf you can overcome the limitations of traditional store design. Present your products anywhere and at any time. Removed from your store locations and outside the regular opening hours; whether at a bus stop, the movie theatre, leisure facilities or directly at your store – with the virtual shopping shelf, a new product from the proven NTS Retail Suite, your customers can dive into your product range at any point, and if they use the NTS pocketstore smartphone app - buy the products right away.
Even if the customer does not spontaneously make their buying decision - you have caught their attention and interest with NTS vShelf for sure. Your customers can get all the details on your offering; view images and technical descriptions as well as multimedia contents with just a few clicks.
By using the corresponding pocketstore which can be loaded within just few seconds - your customer is only few clicks away from the next purchase.

NTS touchstore
With NTS touchstore we offer the latest infotainment solution for new generation stores;
Provide highest levels of shopping assistance to your customers paired with entertainment through using this interactive multi-touch assistant.
Your customers will love diving into your product range and discovering the comprehensive product portfolio of your enterprise.
Use NTS touchstore as a high-tech assistant for your in-store staff or as a self-service tool for customers wanting information on your products. Its intuitive design with clear presentation of complex product details and pricing possibilities makes this possible. Cross-selling functionality and direct offer comparisons complement the functions of the NTS infotainment solution;
and its complete integration within the proven NTS Retail Suite ensures smooth and fast sales transaction handling.
Expand your traditional store design by deploying the latest NTS innovation; make your sales staff independent from the sales desk and offer your customers new shopping experience.

Let your customers explore your brand by using the next generation NTS Retail Touchpoint products.