Wilhering, Austria – more and more companies are now relying on modern, software-aided Document Management Systems (DMS) to handle and file their documents. Lean workflows with central, department-spanning access to all important documents and their quick retrieval are arguments in favor of digitalization and electronic filing – as is the ecologically-compliant potential for savings on the amount of paper needed. In addition, many sales receipts (sales receipts and invoices, for example) are generally no longer produced in paper form but only created and processed electronically.

NTS is reacting to this development and has expanded its product range to include innovative, software-aided document workflow solutions, which are now on offer under the brand name NTS prosigma. "We offer the new DMS products (including the associated services) as supplementary modules for our established Retail Suite NTSwincash and also as fully autonomous solutions for fields outside the retail segment", Günther Schrammel, CEO at NTS explains, adding that: "The majority holding in a company with expertise in this field has ensured potential for immediate market implementation in this new sector."  By utilizing this company's existing products, we have been able to add many renowned references at home and abroad (including ones in the USA) to the NTS customer base.

The new NTS solutions are completely web-based and have been specially optimized for processing sales receipts in the business-to-business environment. They are offered not only as an in-house solution but also on a cloud platform. The cloud version primarily focuses on the new task definitions and requirements of e-invoicing, offering a broad base of business customers a simple and immediate low-cost solution that implements easily and requires no IT expertise. By entering the segment for workflow-based DMS business, NTS is opening up a future-oriented market, while at the same reacting to present customer demand for appropriate solutions (as initial contracts demonstrate).

The new DMS portfolio from NTS also covers mobile apps for iPad, iPhone and Android system, as well as in-house tools for document scanning, mailbox and directory monitoring, office integration and forms management.

The essential function modules at a glance:

  • Comprehensive yet simple workflow design with ready-to-work templates for widespread workflows (for example, payment approvals)
  • Interactive web forms
  • Output management for creating bulk sales receipts (e.g. invoices)
  • Simple but safe integration of external partners into workflows, document filing and exchange
  • OPEN eDocs as universal web-service interface for integrating third-party systems and easy creation of in-house applications
  • High-performance for cash register integration for all POS documents and sales transaction logs in compliance with Austrian Cash Register Guideline 2012

The solution is ready for sale!
We expect sales revenues in the NTS customer group in 2013!

For further details about new products and services, please contact office@ntsprosigma.com