With version X5, NTS Retail officially presented the latest release of its tried-and-true retail software solution on June 30th, 2017. Apart from the numerous features and further optimizations, the new version of the NTS Retail Suite also comes along with two brand-new modules that perfectly support you in providing a great shopping experience. 

Our new web-based NTS self-service module helps you unlock tremendous self-service potentials at your stores. While putting an end to long lines and significantly reducing waiting times by letting customers perform simple top-ups and bill payments completely on their own, you simultaneously give your sales teams more time to concentrate on their job as top-notch consultants.

Also available with NTS Retail X5 is our new NTS analytics module. By tracking all relevant interaction data in our high-end web modules and presenting it in a clearly laid-out and highly customizable manner, it delivers excellent insights into your customers’ shopping habits and the effectivity of ongoing campaigns.

Both modules rely on our new NTS Commerce Platform we are hereby also proud to present. Starting with the X5 release, our solution comes along with a dedicated commerce platform including state-of-the-art business services that are essential for unified commerce and a true omni-channel experience.

NTS Retail X5 thus also offers a new sales transaction service, enabling external systems to perform sales transactions and directly write them into the NTS Retail database as well as a generic web service framework that allows for a surprisingly easy and effective way of integrating additional third-party components into your existing IT landscape.


Here is a short overview of the new features in this version:

NTS sales

  • File attachments to sales transactions

NTS self-service

  • Easy-to-perform credit top-ups
  • Fast and convenient bill payment

NTS analytics

  • Stores as valuable data sources
  • All relevant details at a glance

NTS Commerce Platform

  • Sales transaction service
  • Generic web service framework

Cross-module improvements

  • Enhancement of email notifications


If you are interested in our new X5 version or if you wish to obtain more detailed information on any of the new features, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your NTS Retail account manager or contact us at +43 50 687 2000 / info@ntsretail.com.