The new release brings not only a whole number of important features and further enhancements for smooth retail operations in daily business but also introduces a new module that will perfectly assist you in taking customer engagement and personal consulting to a whole new level.

The main priorities of the new NTS Retail Suite version address the areas of omni-channel and customer experience. To name a view examples in regard to already existing NTS Retail modules, version X4.1 includes a standard click & collect function, an electronic signature feature for receipts as well as an autofill functionality for PDF documents in NTS sales.

Furthermore, the NTS service framework has been extended by an additional stock look-up service and it is now also possible to use the SSL encryption protocol for the communication with web services by default. All this serves to further optimize omni-channel processes and improve the overall customer experience.

With the NTS sales assistant, we are introducing an entirely new module as part of the NTS Retail Suite. It empowers your sales agents by providing them with everything there is to know about the product at hand, including all product details, attractive bundling options, suitable subscription plans, additional services and even the best-matching add-ons. Thanks to its ability to present even the most complex information in a clear and easy-to-understand way, the NTS sales assistant also invites your customers to explore your product catalog by themselves should your sales agents be busy with other customers.

In addition to all that, the new version also comes along with a number of useful detail enhancements.


Here is a short overview of the new features in this version:

NTS sales

  • Click & collect
  • eSignature feature for receipts
  • Autofill function for PDF documents

NTS sales assistant

  • Digital sales & service assistance

NTS translator

  • Approval status for translations

NTS service framework

  • Always up-to-date stock levels
  • Standard SSL encryption for web service communication

Additional detail enhancements

  • Hint message for missing filter settings
  • Possibility to cancel undelivered partial shop-to-shop transfer quantities


If you are interested in our new X4.1 version or if you wish to obtain more detailed information on any of the new features, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your NTS Retail account manager or contact us at +43 50 687 2000 /