Maximize engagement with predictive customer journeys! Meet NTS Retail at DTW 2019 in Nice!

DTW 2019 is just around the corner and NTS Retail is very proud to be a part of another exciting catalyst project this year – “Maximizing Engagement with Predictive Customer Journeys Phase III”.

This Catalyst project focuses on allowing CSPs to systematically collect and correlate consumer data from any channel (digital or physical) in real time, consistently and according to regulations, to then use this data to build intelligence and automation to:

  • Better know and understand consumers’ lifestyles, interests, expectations and needs.
  • Develop real omni-channel capabilities integrating digital and physical channels to offer real-time, personalized and seamless experiences.
  • Provide support for different experiences across digital and physical channels in a consistent and scalable manner.
  • Develop a vibrant fabric of social, business and academic players to create value, social interaction and leisure activities, enhancing brand identity.

Meet us in Nice. 
Our team at the event will be happy to show you how we are working together with leading telcos to get their customers engaged and provide them with a uniquely individualized service experience.

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